For those going to the CIY MOVE Conference this year, we will leave from the church at 8:30 am on Monday. Our first stop will be the Galleria in St. Louis where we will explore the mall, eat lunch and return to our favorite stores from last year. I know that means some of you will be stopping by LUSH for some of those bath bombs!

We will then travel to Central State University in Warrensburg, MO where we will attend the conference all week. We have a free afternoon on Thursday and will be going back to the Worlds of Fun amusement/water park. Explore getting your ticket on line instead of waiting to purchase it at the gate of Thursday. The ticket is $41.00 on the Worlds of Fun website but is $62.00 at the gate.

In addition to sunscreen and a towel for the water park day, make sure you bring a pillow and bedding for a single bed or a sleeping bag, your Bible or phone app is fine, a notebook to journal your thoughts, athletic wear if you are going to participate in any of the tournaments, some money for the conference store or other incidentals and all your bathroom essentials for the week. And don’t forget snacks! Snacks are good!

We will be returning late Friday evening. I am looking forward to praising God all week with the kids and some great discussions with the group during our breakout sessions. This week, if you would like to set the stage for conference, read the book of 1st John. It is short, so you could actually read it a couple times. Each day we will be dissecting passages in the first four chapters and applying them to current situations in our life. I can’t wait to see what God reveals to us at MOVE this year!