Jr. High and High School – After You

In a culture obsessed with selfies, celebrities, money and success, it’s not difficult to understand why so many of us struggle with being a little self-centered at times. While “me first” may be the norm for the rest of the world, Jesus showed us what it looks like to live a compassionate, generous, selfless, “after you” kind of life.

For FUSE on Sunday nights, we are starting a 4 week series that will challenge all of us to move away from the world’s“me first” attitude and embrace the “after you” message of Jesus. Throughout November, we will focus on noticing needs, responding to those needs, using our gifts and sharing the joy of Christ with others. Invite your friends to come hang out with us during FUSE!

FUSE T-Shirts

The shirts are in and look great! If you ordered one, please stop by my office soon so we can dig through the pile and find your shirt. As a reminder, if you haven’t paid yet, the cost was $15 per shirt. If you missed the deadline and would now like a shirt, please let me know and I will call the manufacturer to see what can be arranged.

Jr. High and High School – Leaf Raking

A sign up sheet is on the bulletin board for all who are willing to help with our service project on Saturday, November 17th. We will meet here at the church at 1:00pm to head over to our first house. Don’t forget to bring a rake and gloves! When we are done for the afternoon, we will head to Steak and Shake for dinner.


There are around 20 of us signed up for the paintball outing. What a fun group! There is still room for more, so feel free to invite your friends and let’s get them plugged into FUSE! Be sure to text me if there are additions not on the list so I can make sure we have enough vehicles to transport everyone. Looking forward to a fun time!

Star of Wonder

Double play practices mean that Christmas is getting closer and closer! What a great time of the year as we honor our Lord by celebrating His birth! Be sure to bring a snack to enjoy between the first and second hour of practice along with your script and of course, a smile.