Opening the Doors… All of Them

After being closed for thirteen weeks due to the pandemic, the church doors will be open this Sunday, June 14th, for in-house worship. And all the doors will be open!

In an attempt to facilitate distancing and minimize risk, we will be encouraging those coming to use any of the three doors into the auditorium as an entrance and exit. And the doors will be left open during the service to maximize air flow.

Upon entering you will find sermon outlines, manuscripts and pens near the doors, along with an offering tray, hand sanitizer, and masks. Communion will already be in the receptacles on the back of the pews, and every other row of pews will be taped off.

Families are being asked to sit together, and to leave space between themselves and other families or individuals. The use of facial masks is being encouraged, especially while singing.

The nurseries will be closed, and parents are asked to keep their children with them at all times. There will be no childcare, children’s worship, or Sunday School until it is determined that it is safe to offer such.

There will be no refreshments offered in the fellowship hall, and those who wish to visit after the service are encouraged to do so in the parking lot.

I want to emphasize that we do not expect, nor want, any who should not gather with others because they are at increased risk, or have family members who are at risk, to come. And obviously anyone who is not feeling well should not come.

We will be offering a live-feed of the service for those who decide they should not come but wish to worship along with those who do, and the service will be recorded for those who desire to utilize it as they have been doing.

I can’t express how pleased I am that the elders decided it was time for us to begin offering a worship service at the church. I won’t be shaking your hand at the door as usual, but I am so looking forward to seeing many of you this Lord’s Day.

God Bless, Rick