An Overflowing Cup

I’ve often said that the greatest joy a father can know is that which comes from his children sharing his faith in Christ. Sadly, not all fathers have that joy. And as Genesis makes clear, even children living in Eden with a perfect Father can rebel and choose a life of disobedience. I was reminded of that this week while reading of a highly respected preacher whose son has gone viral on TikTok denouncing his father’s faith.

Gratefully, I have that joy. And now that joy has reached new heights! Not only do I have the additional joy of five grandchildren who share the faith of their grandmother and grandfather, our oldest granddaughter has shared her faith in a the most beautiful way possible. She baptized her best friend into Christ.

As seen on the front page, Grace recently baptized Nicole Weaver at a special service at the campus house at ISU. Grace and Nicole have been friends since 8th grade, and are now room- mates. Nicole occasionally came with Grace to our worship services, and often came to youth meetings and activities. Since going to ISU, both have become very involved with Encounter, the campus ministry.

Due to covid restrictions large campus gatherings are not allowed, but small groups and special events still provide numerous opportunities for fellowship, ministry, and study with an amazing family of students, interns, and adult leaders. Many of the students also get involved in local churches, and Grace and Nicole are teaching a small class of elementary grade children.

I really believe it’s ok for a grandpa to be proud, and I couldn’t be prouder of Grace. And the joy I feel over Nicole’s decision for Christ can only be exceeded by that of her best friend who had the privilege of baptizing her into Christ.

As Mom used to say about the joy her family gave her, “My cup is overflowing.”

God Bless, Rick