It all started with the ark

It all started with the ark. The carpet needed to be replaced, and Jeff Thompson agreed to play Noah. Once he got the ark apart he panicked a bit, as Noah must have done when faced with a task he had never experienced before. There are a lot of intimidating angles in the ark, but Jeff persevered and got it done. Thanks, Jeff, for getting the ark kid worthy again.

As the ark was being readied, work was beginning in the nursery bathroom as well. Cory Moore was the first to volunteer, so he got the job. (Thanks go to Reed Morris and Will Bartels for also volunteering.) Cory took out the old cabinet and sink, patched the hole that had been covered by grillwork behind the toilet, scraped up the old tile, (a job that would have tested the patience of Job), and put on a fresh coat of paint. Next will come new tile on the floor, and a new vanity with drawers and a molded countertop; which may be delayed a bit since I just got an email from the salesman indicating that he couldn’t remember which side to put the sink on!

Since we didn’t want any rooms in the nursery complex left behind, paint was purchased for all of them. Jack Stucki has volunteered to give up several sabbath days to paint the walls, and Julie is going to touch up the mural behind the ark.

Then, just as grass appeared over all the earth after the flood, new carpet should be seen springing up in the hallways, classrooms, and fellowship hall. Yes, your faithful stewardship is going to make it possible for the carpeting to finally be replaced, and for new cove base to be installed. We are now in the process of getting bids for carpet tiles and tear out and install, but not to worry, you’ll still be given a chance to get on board. Help will be needed to take up the baseboards, which may not be made of gopher wood but certainly look as if they have been gnawed on by gophers, and to move everything as the carpet flows from room to room.

Be watching for signs that the day is drawing near, and be ready to respond when the call goes out that it’s time.

God Bless, Rick

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