The day is drawing near

Six weeks ago I told you to be watching for signs that the day is drawing near, and be ready to respond when the call goes out that it’s time. In case you’ve forgotten, I wasn’t talking about the Second Coming. I was talking about the need for volunteers to help us take up the old baseboards and move everything so new carpet could be laid in the hallways, classrooms and fellowship hall. Well, you can relax a bit. Lord willing, the day is still coming, but a couple of things have come up that have pushed the install a couple of months or so into the future.

As I mentioned when last talking about this, your excellent stewardship is making possible some improvements around the church. I just didn’t realize that there were a couple of improvements that had to take precedence.

The first came to our attention when we got a $3,000 water bill! We hadn’t noticed an increase in our water bill during the months of September-November. Nor did we notice they were then normal until the end of April. Apparently a leak had developed in the fall, and the water meter had failed in December. The bills were averaged until the meter was replaced, and it was discovered that we had “used” nearly 400,000 gallons of water! The city determined that the leak was between the meter and our building, and we hired a leak finder, a backhoe operator, and a plumber for a total of $1575 to get it fixed. We are now awaiting the final adjusted water bill that will be around half of the original bill, or another $1500.

The second opportunity to upgrade came when the AC unit for the fellowship hall started squalling. We replaced three units last year, but thought we could get a little more life out of the other two. We did. The north classroom unit only needed a minor repair in January, and a fan motor will hopefully keep the fellowship unit working through VBS. Once the fan noise was gone, however, we did discover that the compressor is also crying out for replacement. A new $5700 AC-furnace will be on its way shortly.

Our balance sheet is getting a tad shorter, but hopefully it will still cover carpeting before fall.​

God Bless,

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