Mark and Peter

I asked Mark to start getting a sermon ready at the beginning of the summer. I didn’t know when I’d be taking off, but wanted him to be ready on short notice. A couple of times I suggested a particular date might be the one, but something always came up, or the weather was too bad to ride, and I didn’t go anywhere.

In addition to that, projects at home and at the church kept us busy, and a vacation just slipped through our fingers. And now summer is over, and Mark hasn’t had a chance to preach. So this Sunday, whether I’m here or not, Mark will be in the pulpit. Plan on hearing a great sermon.

And it is a good time for me to take a break from the pulpit. We finished I Peter last Sunday with a review of his focus on the past, future, and present aspects of grace, and we’re ready to move into his second letter.

I read through II Peter again last week, and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s amazing all that is packed into Peter’s letters, even if, as we discovered last Sunday, he didn’t actually pen them. Now don’t panic, I’m not going theologically liberal on you. Peter told us Silvanus, or Silas, actually wrote the letters for him. And, as we also noted, that accounts for the good grammar and literary form of letters from a Galilean fisherman.

Anyway, as I started to say, I didn’t realize until our recent study just how all-encompassing Peter’s letters are. If all we had were the two letters from Peter, we’d have a good understanding of what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross, and how it should impact our lives. I’d never considered telling someone who is just beginning their study of Scriptures to begin with Peter’s letters, but I may very well point them in that direction now.

Again, I don’t know if I’ll be here this Sunday or not. We’re heading to St. Louis on Tuesday to celebrate our 46th anniversary, and I’m hoping to hop on the Harley sometime during the week, or go fishing, or stain the house. Whatever I/we end up doing, I’ll be ready to venture into Peter’s second letter with you on September 10th.

God Bless, Rick

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