Meetings with Missionaries

Mark and I have had the joy of meeting with missionaries both last week and this.

Last Thursday we met with Mark Fishel, who has been serving in Cambodia for the past nine years. Mark was actually a part of our fellowship for several years while attending Lincoln Christian Seminary and working at Family Christian, and we supported Mark while he worked in campus ministries in New York and the Czech Republic. While in Cambodia he has planted a church in Phnom Penh, acted as an advisor to an association of ten churches and about twenty cell groups, taught pastors and lay leaders, and helped churches find ways to become more self-sustaining. We helped him set up a mushroom farm for that purpose a couple of years ago, but haven’t supported him on a regular basis as a congregation since going to Cambodia. We were, however, recently made aware of a need for additional support, and invited him to meet with us.

On Monday Mark and I met with Tom Moss, the chairman of the board for Haitian Christian Ministries, and two pastors from Haiti, Pastor Bob who pastors a church of 650 adults in Pillatre and oversees the ministry in Haiti which includes a school of nearly 1500 students and a medical clinic, and Pastor Jacques who leads a congregation of 350 adults.

Mark Zimmerman, who is on staff at Eastview Christian Church in Bloomington and also on the board of Haitian Christian Ministries, brought HCM to our attention back in 2012, and we started supporting the ministry in 2013. Many in the church also started sponsoring students in the school at the same time. The report Mark and I heard told of many exciting developments in the ministry in Haiti, and opportunities for direct involvement in the work there.

Missions is very important to the life of our church, and God has used us to accomplish some pretty amazing things throughout the world. Please pray for the elders as they consider how to administer the tithes and offerings you will be entrusting to us in 2018.

God Bless, Rick

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