Shipwrecked: Jesus Rescues

Being “Shipwrecked” last week was a great adventure, and I’m actually going to miss ducking my head while walking through the hallway and carefully making my way across the rickety bridge into the auditorium. I don’t know when we’ve had a better VBS. Transforming our building into an island was well worth the effort, and being shipwrecked with fifty kids every night was a lot of fun.

I didn’t get a first-hand experience in the class, crafts, snacks and games, but I really enjoyed the opening and closing each night. The music was great, the enthusiasm was contagious, and the skits by Mark and Casey were hilarious. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Jesus loves kids, and so do we.

Every night the kids were introduced to a character that impressed on them the fact that Jesus rescues, and I looked forward to the videos as much as they did. Just to give you an idea of what they learned, let me introduce you to Hope, Beacon, Rae, and Guac.

Hope is a Jaguar, and she is a solitary animal. Like Jaguars, kids can sometimes feel like they are alone, even when they don’t want to be. But in times of loneliness, Jesus rescues, because He’s always there.

Beacon is a Toucan. One third of him is beak, and you’d think his beak would be a burden. But while it is big, God made it light in weight. By the same token, when we feel burdened down with worries, Jesus rescues, and helps carry our burdens.

Rae is a Manta Ray. The word “manta” means blanket, and while Manta Rays can be 30 feet across, they glide effortlessly through the ocean. Like them, we too can go with the flow even when it’s not smooth sailing because Jesus rescues, and will keep us wrapped up in the blanket of His love.

Guac is an Iguana. They can be seven feet long, but half of them is tail. They use their tail for defense, but if they get caught by it, they can detach it. It does cost them something, but giving it up keeps them safe. If we get caught up in trials and sorrows, Jesus can rescue because He gave up something very valuable for us. He gave up His life to save us.

Just a few good lessons from VBS.

God Bless, Rick

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