Delightfully Corrected

Printing out my sermon so you can read it while I preach it is a two-edged sword that cuts both ways. I really try to follow the preacher of Ecclesiastes’ pattern of seeking to find delightful words and to write words of truth correctly. When I do it successfully everyone has a copy of the words they can reference for further reflection. When it doesn’t go exactly as planned, everyone has a copy of the words, that while being delightful to some, haven’t been written correctly. Such was the case last Sunday morning.

While passing by the “young adult” class I was gleefully accosted by an unnamed assailant. He asked if I really meant what I said in my sermon about those in our society who reject what is obviously contrary to reason and nature. What he said didn’t make sense to me. It was the opposite of what I had said. At least it was the opposite of what I had intended to say.

Other members of the attack squad quickly directed to me the center of my sermon where they had apparently already located the words in question. I had said that our Sunday night study is giving us an understanding of how we’ve come to the place in our society where things that are obviously contrary to reason—and nature itself—are rejected by so many.

Reading it over I discovered the obvious error. The point I was trying to make was that our society has accepted as true things that are contrary to reason and nature. A case in point is how we’re being told that a person’s sexual identity has nothing to do with the way he or she has been created. That our physical characteristics are irrelevant, and that all that really matters is the way we feel.

I had brought up what we are studying on Sunday nights because in our text for Sunday morning Paul admonished us to be kind to all, and show gentleness when correcting others. If we didn’t know each other so well I could have been offended, and would have thought they had missed that point of the sermon.

Truth of the matter is that I loved it!

God Bless, Rick

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