A Persistent Podcast Patron

She really wanted to get ahold of us. She left a message on the church phone, and on Mark’s and my cell phone. The call came from North Carolina, and when Mark couldn’t understand what she was saying, he deleted it, thinking it was a telemarketer. I was at home, and at first thought the same thing. But I listened long enough to hear her mention Chatham Christian Church and my name, so I listened again carefully.

She gave her name, and said she had been listening to the podcasts from our church, and was pretty impressed. She went on to say she was an Israeli Christian, a Reformed Jewish lady believing in God like Abram, and got Jesus fourteen beautiful years ago. She said she now has a relationship with God through Jesus, believes in Him and loves Him.

She said if I could call her she would appreciate it, and of course I did. She was thrilled to hear from me, and had some very complimentary things to say about my sermons. I would tell you what she said but Marilyn won’t let me repeat them, thinking they will give me a big head.

We had a delightful time talking together, and I discovered her name was Edna, the same as my mom’s, so our connection deepened. She told me a bit more about her history and her family. Sadly she said her parents died without knowing Jesus, and her daughter doesn’t like to talk about Him much. She, on the other hand loves to talk about Him, and wondered if would be alright if she told others about our podcasts. She said she listens to one every day during her personal study time, and was even then downloading three of them.

The fact that someone in North Carolina had found our website and was listening to sermons from CCC blew me away. I may be preaching most of the sermons, but turning them into podcasts that are heard through the internet is something that is done by a team of techies headed by Chris Luzio. Their efforts in getting the word out is apparently bearing fruit, and I am so grateful for our shared ministry.

It probably comes as no surprise, but I had to ask Chris how to even get podcasts on a smart phone. In case you don’t know either, all you have to do is go to the App Store and download any podcast app, and then type in Chatham Christian Church.

I had to laugh when I found it and under Best of the Podcast was listed “But I say…Adultery”and “Balaam and His Donkey.” I laughed even harder when under You Might Also Like it suggested Joel Osteen’s podcast.

God Bless, Rick

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