A New Season of Study

The lazy days of summer are now behind us. At least they are if you had any. For some reason life doesn’t seem to have the seasonal slow-downs it once had. Even though the kids aren’t in school, activities abound and calendars remain full. In fact, sometimes life is crazier when the kids aren’t in school.

As a church family we have always tried to find a balance between too much and too little. And as the early church continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer, we try to offer enough to follow their example year round. It takes a serious weather event to keep us from gathering together on Sunday morning.

We do, however, slow down during the summer months. Our regular Sunday evening activities are put on hold, and our Bible study groups take a break. It gives those leading, as well as those who attend, a chance to enjoy other activities for the summer. It also gives everyone the opportunity to look forward to a new season of study.

As we begin that new season, I want everyone to prayerfully consider taking advantage of what we offer. If you are not currently involved in a Sunday School class, now is a great time to begin. Jeni is offering a new class for ladies that will meet in the library, and both Chris and Jack have excellent adult classes. Chris is currently looking at the Beatitudes, and Jack is finishing up the last book of the Old Testament. Those who wish to discuss the morning sermon, or other topics of concern, are invited to meet with me in the auditorium.

On Sunday nights the adults who aren’t leading in youth activities are encouraged to join me in a study on the life of Joseph. On Wednesday nights all adults are invited to meet at 6:30 to explore what the book of Hebrews has to say about Jesus. And on Thursday nights men are invited to meet together at 7:00 to learn what Paul told the Galatians about living in freedom.

I don’t expect you to be here every time the church doors are open, but I do want you to at least think about coming when they are.

God Bless, Rick

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