And I want to thank…

A couple of weeks ago Anna asked for Grandpa’s help with her leaf collection. Of course I was delighted that she asked. The assignment designated the leaves she was to find, and if she could find more than the required 20 she would get extra credit.

We took off after church, and I quickly spotted some trees on the list. Instead of examining the leaves, bark, and tree to determine what it was, all we had to do was take a picture of the leaf, and an app told us what we had found. When I’d spot a tree we would stop along the road, run up to the tree to confirm its identity, and then take a picture of her by the tree to prove she was there. My years in the woods, and helping a previous generation as well as another granddaughter find leaves for their collections, really paid off. In short order we had 31 pictures.

I told her that when she gives her valedictorian speech in a few years she’d have to say, “And I want to thank Grandpa. I wouldn’t be here today if he hadn’t helped with my leaf collection.” After she got 109% A+, she sent me a picture of her grade sheet and the words, “And I want to thank…”

I thought of my adventure with Anna when I spotted an article in the quarterly Does God Exist? publication while on the elliptical at FitClub last week. The article was entitled, “Leaf Design to Preserve Trees.” In it the author noted how heavy winds seldom blow down healthy trees, and the reason is not only strong trunks and branches, and good root anchorage, but also the design of the leaves.

He then explained how to minimize the effects of wind blowing on the tree, leaves themselves are designed to reduce drag during high winds by changing their shape. For example, holly leaves flatten themselves against each other, and tulip tree leaves curl up and form a cone to lessen wind resistance.

It would appear that looking for leaves not only afforded a memorable outing for a grandpa and granddaughter, but also the motivation to learn even more about our amazing Creator and the detail of His design.

God Bless, Rick

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