Thanksgiving and Christmas

Not only is Thanksgiving just around the corner, so is Christmas! In fact, we’re going to be celebrating both of them this Sunday evening…sort of.

The evening will begin around 4:45, when those who are bringing food are asked to have it here, ready to serve, so the serving tables can be set. We will then meet together in the auditorium at 5:00 for a brief time of giving thanks. We don’t have a special speaker scheduled this year, but we will give any who desire to do so the opportunity to share what they are thankful for after we sing a hymn of praise and thanksgiving. Then, after a blessing for the food, we’ll head for our annual Thanksgiving Pot-Luck Dinner.

After dinner a crew of volunteers will continue showing gratitude by cleaning up, and we’ll transition into Christmas. The kids who are working on the musical will meet with Rhonda for a brief rehearsal, and the rest of us will start digging through boxes of decorations. Before we leave, the church should be dressed for Christmas.

To help you plan for Christmas this year, let me give you a few things to put on your calendar.

The first is the Ladies’ Christmas Ornament Exchange that has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 3rd, at Mario’s. The children’s Christmas musical will then be presented during our worship service on December 8th. On Sunday evening, December 15th we’re planning to go Christmas caroling, ending at Jeni and Jonathan’s for Christmas goodies. And on the 24th we’ll be holding our 49th annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service.

Since I’m talking about the Christmas Eve service, I guess it’s not too early to start encouraging those with musical gifts to start planning to share them. I will once again plan the service around the specials that are offered, so please start thinking of what you might like to do, and what you want to sing or play. The first to let me know their choice will be the one given the opportunity to present that selection, so let me know what you’d like to do ASAP.

God Bless, Rick

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