Are You Regular?

Remember the perfect attendance pins that were worn with pride many years ago? The first year you had perfect attendance at Sunday School you were awarded a nice little pin to wear on your lapel, and every year thereafter you were awarded a banner that was attached to it. I think I did win a pin, but I know I didn’t have one with ten or twenty banners hanging on it, as did some of the adults who had come faithfully to Sunday School since childhood.

I’m not advocating a return to the pins, but I do think it would do us all good to give prayerful consideration to our attendance in worship, if not Sunday School, as we begin a new year.

It’s been well reported in the media that church attendance in the US has been declining for several years. That’s old news. What was new news to me is that what is considered to be “regular” attendance has also been changing.

I recently read that while attending three Sunday’s a month was considered to be “regular” a few years ago, now attending just once a month is considered to be “regular.” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that.

Unless failing health or extenuating circumstances are a play, I can’t believe anyone would think their attendance in worship is “regular” if they only made it once a month. Do you?

God Bless, Rick

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