The Hand of God

During the “shelter at home” order I managed to finish an interesting book by Michael Medved entitled Gods Hand on America that tells of historical events and persons that caused Americans to see the hand of God at work. The stories detail amazing accomplishments, as well as tragedies that were narrowly avoided or courageously endured, that assured our country of God’s providential care. The book opens with a chapter about something I never knew existed.

In the 1840s, explorers in the Rocky Mountains kept hearing about a colossal cross of snow that appeared for a few months every year on an uncharted Colorado mountain. After it was finally photographed in 1873, and a painting exhibited at the Philadelphia Centennial International Exposition in 1876, it “touched the happy hordes as freshly revealed evidence that God looked with special, clearly expressed favor on the works and ways of the new nation that celebrated its first glorious century of existence.”

The “Holy Cross National Monument” was established in 1929 by presidential proclamation, but its national monument status was stripped by congress in 1950 after a rockslide took away one of the arms of the cross. I’m not sure what to make of it all, but I don’t think it wrong to look for the hand of God in both natural and unnatural events.

If you see something that encourages you and strengthens your faith, don’t be afraid to share it. And don’t worry, as long as we have eyes to see, the cross upon which we base our hopes will never disappear from sight.

God Bless, Rick

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