Worship, Study, and Fellowship

When everyone was told to shelter at home due to the developing pandemic, and churches were told to close their doors, we obeyed. We cancelled our services for March 15th, as we had done previously due to weather emergencies. By the next Sunday, however, we were online, and we maintained a purely online presence for twelve weeks.

We wanted to maintain normalcy as much as possible, so the praise team came to the building and recorded praise songs, hymns were recorded from home, communion meditations were videoed, and I continued preaching through Mark’s gospel, in coat and tie, to empty pews.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work and technological wizardry of Chris Luzio. I can’t thank him enough for all he did to make it possible for us to stay reasonably connected.

Then, at a specially called elders’ meeting on June 4th, the decision was made to open our doors on June 14th, and begin offering in-house worship. We put in place procedures we thought would decrease the likelihood of exposure to the virus, and 74 showed up for worship. Chris was also able to provide a live-feed so those who felt they should remain at home could worship remotely with their brothers and sisters. We have averaged 70 in-house for twelve weeks, and nearly that online.

We are now excited to announce that we are transitioning back into a full program of worship, study, and fellowship. The youth group kick-off is scheduled for September 13th, and youth groups and adult study will begin, Lord willing, on the 20th. Children’s worship, Sunday School classes, and a nursery will hopefully be available on October 4th.

A big shout-out must also go to Casey Blakely who is now fine tuning our new sound system. The system has been designed to assure that quality sound will be delivered throughout the auditorium, with no dead spots. If you are able to safely gather with your brothers and sisters, come hear it for yourself this Sunday at 9:15. I’ll be looking for you.

God Bless, Rick

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