Church Work Day – August 14th

I trust you are really excited about the announcement on the front of the church paper! WE ARE HAVING A CHURCH WORK DAY ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 14TH! The long anticipated opportunity to work around the church will begin at 8:00, so there will be no need to sleep in on the 14th! Just come with gloves, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, or paint brushes.

What is the prime project for the day? We’re going to begin the job of redoing the playground off the nursery!

First order of business will be removing all the gravel—and re-purposing it in the big playground—so it can be replaced with Blue Sky Outdoor Interlocking Tiles. Before the tiles can be installed—on another day—a layer of white rock and lime will have to be hauled in, leveled and compacted. Assisted by Paul Hunley and John Deere of course.

If we find we have too many resting on their shovels while Paul does his thing, we’ll bring out the stain for touching up cedar trim around the church. And we’ll look for anything else that needs to be touched-up or spruced-up. I’m confident we’ll find plenty for everyone to do.

Now, back to the Blue Sky Outdoor Interlocking Tiles. Yes, they are very expensive, and my fiscally conservative nature cringes at the cost. They will, however, not only provide a clean safe surface for our little ones to play on, but will also make it obvious to visitors that we put a high priority on children.

Oh, and one other thing. While I was reviewing our financial picture before the elders’ meeting—which due to your faithful stewardship is very good—I found an unexpected check in the mail. It was from the estate of Joe Carter. He had written us into his will, and the amount of his gift will nearly cover half of the cost of the playground redo.

His son was pleased to hear how we were planning to use the gift from Joe.

God Bless, Rick

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