Missions Giving

It has long been the goal of our elders to send around 25% of the offerings we receive to missions and other benevolent or ministry related organizations. When we make our annual projection of financial needs and planned giving to others, we try to plan accordingly.

This past year, however, the amount we had planned to send to Andrew Sexton for his work with Casas Por Cristo was not utilized because he resigned his position. When we asked Dave to let us know the current percent of giving that was going to others, he informed us that it is just over 17%, and that even after adding the James Project we would probably end the year at 20%. To bring our percentage closer to where we want to be, the decision was made last week to send special offerings to a couple of our missions for relief work.

As you know, Haiti was recently struck by a devastating earthquake that killed thousands and left more than a million homeless. Fortunately, Haitian Christian Ministries, which we have supported for several years and is in the northern part of Haiti, was not directly impacted by the earthquake. They are, however, sending resources and teams to help those in the south. To assist them in ministering to those who are in even more need than they are, we have sent HCM $5,000.

We also recently learned that Ati Yangmi is distributing much needed food and supplies to villages that have been shut down due to covid restrictions. She has also been working with Jesse’s daughter and husband to set up water filtration systems in villages that must boil or buy the water they need. For $300 they can provide clean drinking water for 200-300 people. Fifteen villages that are ministered to by graduates of LBI have requested such systems, and we are sending $5,000 to meet needs and to help make that possible.

God is obviously blessing us so we can bless others.

God Bless, Rick

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