Hopeful Perseverance

It’s a Strange New World indeed, and we’re going to try to understand how it became so strange on Sunday nights, beginning September 18th at 6:30.

I’m not sure how I discovered the writings of Carl Trueman, but you never know where you’ll find a literary gem. I found another one on the ski slopes of Colorado in July.

Marilyn and Linda were exploring the gift shops and Wendell and I were sitting in the shade watching kids ride bikes down the ski trails. An elderly lady in sunglasses was sitting near us, and since I couldn’t make eye contact, I thought I’d just say something. I asked if she was waiting for her grandchildren, and that opened the gate to a delightful conversation.

Before long her grandchildren and their parents joined us, and it didn’t take long for us feel like old friends. When they started to leave she handed me a note and said she too was a Christian, and that she had written a book of poetry that was available on Amazon. I’m really not into poetry, but before she was out of sight I had ordered a copy. I wasn’t sure why, until I got it and started reading.

The book is MY JOURNEY THROUGH IT ALL Hopeful Perseverance. It’s a collection of poems and thoughts that Ann Roberts wrote throughout the course of her life, focusing on how her faith kept her on course.

When I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. It touched me deeply, and before long I started thinking of others who might benefit from poems such as Change in Life that begins:

This life we had was beautiful.
Then one day something came.
That changed our lives forever.
Dementia was its name.

I gave Lucy a copy, and she said she “miraculously” went right to that poem. She now uses it in her daily devotions. I can’t promise it will be miraculous for you, but I do have a couple of copies if you want one.

God Bless, Rick

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