Christmas is coming

When I blew out the candle on the muffin at Bible study a couple of week’s ago, I said I was turning 69. Jonathan corrected my calculation by noting that I was actually finishing my 69th year, and beginning my 70th. Hadn’t thought of it that way, and not sure how I feel about it. But it has made me realize that I will be celebrating my 70th Christmas this year. I guess that’s why it got here so quickly.

When you are young, your lifespan is divided by very few Christmases, so they seem to be few and far between. By the time you’re pushing three score and ten, next Christmas gets here while the fruitcake is still in the fridge.

Christmas decorations usually go up after Thanksgiving, but Mark and I put up the new lighted nativity that leads into the Chatham “Light Up the Park” holiday display before I left for Tennessee and Matt’s traditional trash-can turkey. I do hope you will drive through the display which will be lighted Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00-9:00 until Christmas. Several churches in Chatham contributed for the purchase of the nativity so those driving through the holiday display will be reminded of the reason for the season.

Obviously, we need not be reminded of the reason for the season. Even if we use the shorthand “Xmas” when jotting notes about Christmas plans and presents, we see Christ in Christmas. In fact, the X that is used is actually the Greek letter C that’s been used as a symbol for Christ for nearly two thousand years.

By the time you read this, December will be here, and the Christmas season will be fully upon us. We have numerous Christmas celebrations and activities planned, but the one I’m most concerned about at the moment is Christmas Eve. I need to hear from anyone who is willing to present a musical special, be part of an ensemble, do a reading, or share anything that will help us celebrate the coming of Christ before we light our candles and partake of the Lord’s Supper. Please let me know what you can do ASAP. My 43rd Christmas Eve with you will be here before we know it.

God Bless, Rick

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