On Communion meditations

If you grew up in a Christian Church, you are no doubt aware that there are very few passages of Scripture that make direct reference to the Lord’s Supper. In fact there are only five that I could find this morning: three in the Gospels and two in I Corinthians.

While growing up I regularly heard one of those passages read by an elder in his communion meditation. There is obviously nothing wrong with reading one of those passages for a communion meditation, but I love the fact that we hear so much more around the Table of our Lord at CCC.

I was recently reminded of the variety we enjoy by a request from David Zimmerman. Dave was talking with some leaders of the church he’s a part of in Branson about the way we do communion, and they were having a hard time understanding the scope of our meditations. He asked that I send him copies of some that had been published in our weekly newsletter.

As you are aware, I occasionally include copies of a meditation we heard on Sunday for further reflection mid-week. I realize I risk offending some by not printing every meditation, but I’m confident everyone understands that while all do merit publication, I can’t print them all.

In looking through last year’s papers for Dave I was taken again by the variety of thoughts that lead us to focus on the cross each Lord’s Day. Last year an expectant father led us to think about adequate preparation for a big event, we learned about the nature of light as we focused on the Light of the World, we noted how the excited expression “nailed it” during a game could be used as a teachable moment, and we were led to think about what makes a man righteous by reflecting on a righteous democracy. Last Sunday Bill explored the meaning of “substitute” and led us to understand substitution is what Christ did for us on the cross.

I’m very thankful for the men who give considerable thought to Christ’s presence in our life and worship, and direct us so effectively to His sacrifice on our behalf each Sunday.

God Bless, Rick

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