Snow Day

What did you do last Sunday morning; other than stay in your jammies and look out the window at the ice covered roads? I listened to two Christmas sermons by a couple of our Timothies.

I found the first one by googling “Life Point Church”, but had to add “Quincy” because there are a lot of Life Points. Google took me to and I was able to actually see and hear Brett preach a great sermon on the scandalous nature of Christ’s lineage, and how His coming addresses the scandals in our life.

When I couldn’t remember what the “Point” was at Jared’s church, Marilyn told me it was Bridge Point. Typing in “Bridge Point Providence” got me to and I was able to listen to another great Christmas sermon. Jared’s message was “Thrilled or Threatened” and contrasted the reaction of the Three Kings and King Herod to the coming of Christ. He pointed out that in some respects Herod’s reaction showed a better understanding of the life-changing implications of Christ’s coming.

I would highly recommend that you check out the websites of our Timothies. And of course you can always go to our website at to hear a sermon you missed, or to find out what’s happening if your church paper gets lost in the mail. In fact, if you want to read what I was going to say last week, “For a Merry Christmas”, you can find the transcript on our website. Or you can pick up a copy this Sunday. I’ve been planning on Philippians 2:3-4 being my Christmas text for months now, and so it shall be. Unless of course the forecast once again changes, and heavy snow comes rolling in.

And of course I hope weather doesn’t interfere with our Christmas Eve Service scheduled for 7:00. Since we didn’t get to go Christmas caroling last Sunday we’re planning to include congregational carols in the service, along with two solos, two duets, and our traditional candle-light communion service.

Lord willing, we’ll celebrate Christmas together this Saturday and Sunday.

God Bless, Rick

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