On Christmas music

Last Monday, Mark asked if we had sung “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus” on Sunday. I really couldn’t remember, and asked why he had asked. He informed me that I had been whistling it since I had come into the office.

Isn’t it wonderful the way Christmas music sticks in our heads this time of year? Even unexpected music.

I awoke this morning with visions of three highly painted Egyptian maidens singing to Mary, “We could tell, my dear, yo’ not from here: Ev’ry word you say gives you away. Shut my mouth, yo’ not from the South! Why, of course, yo’ from the North!” Fortunately that catchy little ditty was soon replaced in my head by the “Hallelujah Chorus.”

If you weren’t at the community Christmas celebration at the high school Sunday afternoon, you missed an amazing presentation of the “Hallelujah Chorus” being sung by what appeared to be nearly 200 Jr. High students. It was absolutely beautiful, and especially meaningful since it was being sung in a public school. Gina Swickard is to be applauded for introducing her students to not only one of the most beautiful choruses ever written, but for having the courage to present it in our high school auditorium.

And if there are Christmas carols trying to burst out from the recesses of your mind, you can “let it go” this Sunday evening. At 5:30 we will load into the van and cars to take Christmas carols into the homes of our seniors. I have to admit that sounds funny coming from a “senior” pastor, but “senior” seems to be determined on a sliding scale. If we don’t come to your home this Sunday, apparently you haven’t made it to “senior” yet.

And one more opportunity to share the music of Christmas. I’ve heard from several that they will be sharing their talents with us on Christmas Eve, but there is still room for more. Please let me know ASAP what you are willing to do, and the title of what you will be presenting, so we can put a bulletin together for the evening.

God Bless, Rick

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