The Godly Hierarchies of Love & Marriage

My Sunday night class was gracious, and allowed me to move from a brief section on purity in our book, to a rather lengthy article written by a homemaker from Tennessee that I discovered last week in Touchstone.

When I find insightful, thought provoking articles that I want to share with you, I often summarize them in this column, and then put copies of the entire article in the hall rack. Apparently my summaries are so good that few, if any, feel a need to read the whole thing. I knew that would be the case with an eleven page article subtitled “The Godly Hierarchies of Love & Marriage.”

Since simply reading a passage from our book, and then discussing it, seems to work best for our Sunday night class, I wondered if I could do the same with this article. And since it dealt with a topic we were discussing anyway, I hoped the class would go along with the idea. They did, and we started it last week. But since we only covered a couple of pages, there is still time for others to join with us.

The article is not an easy read, but it is well worth the time and effort. The author goes back to the nature of God Himself to answer questions about masculinity and femininity, positions of authority, sexual expression, and marriage. Obviously these are hot topics today, and everyone seems to have an opinion about such matters.

To find answers about interpersonal relationships that go beyond mere opinion to foundational truth based on the triune nature of God might seem like something that ought to be left to ivory tower theologians. Today, however, when there is not even a consensus among churches, and what has historically been the Christian position on matters of gender roles and sexuality goes counter to socially accepted and politically correct opinion, it may very well be necessary for Christians in general, and Christian parents in particular, to equip themselves with answers that go beyond the “this is my opinion what’s yours” playing field.

If you want solid answers to some of the most important questions being asked in our day, join us this Sunday at 6:30. I’ve made up even more copies, and we’ll bring you up to speed before we continue reading the article together.

God Bless, Rick

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