The Heart of Paradise

I found it very interesting, perhaps even providential, that as I was reading again The Heart of Paradise: The Godly Hierarchies of Love and Marriage that we are reading and discussing on Sunday nights, I came across a news report about a new book that reveals “a shocking re-examination of Adam and Eve.” The interviewer raised the question, “Are they the original sinners, or the most misunderstood couple in history.” The author of the book answered by suggesting that Eve is the victim of the greatest character assassination in history, and that she was the first independent woman. He further noted that Adam and Eve are the role models we need for modern day relationships.

Diane Woerner, the author of the paper we are reading, certainly wouldn’t agree with his view of Adam and Eve. Both go to the Bible for the story, but one reflects contemporary thinking, and the other strives to reveal the truth, even if it isn’t embraced by modern sensibilities. Here’s some of what she has to say:

“Our enemy was supremely cunning with his enticements. It had never occurred to Eve to be discontent with the plentiful provision she enjoyed. Adam had never had his leadership challenged. In addition, they were both oblivious to the astonishing privilege they had been given in their intimate communion with God. But like the serpent himself, sin slithered into their choices, and creation fell groaning into the chaos in which we still live. And the divine pattern of masculinity and femininity was in some ways chief among the casualties.

“Consider what changed. Humanity failed to honor God’s position of authority, believing that their understanding of what would benefit them was superior to his. Eve became an initiator and Adam ‘heeded’ the voice of his wife— which God specifically identified as the first sin. In the resulting curses, Eve’s daughters would desire to have dominion over their husbands, and Adams’ sons would be compelled to rule rather than lead. Moreover, men would henceforth find their tasks as protectors and providers to be far more challenging, inclining them to shirk these responsibilities.”

I think who has a correct understanding of what happened in Eden is obvious. Join us Sunday at 6:30 if you want to have that belief confirmed.

God Bless, Rick

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