The walls have been hit with leprosy!

In Leviticus 14 we read that if someone comes to the priest and says, “Something like a mark of leprosy has become visible to me in the house”, that the priest should inspect it, quarantine it for seven days, and if it spreads, that “he shall have the house scraped all around inside, and they shall dump the plaster that they scrape off at an unclean place outside the city.”

If you walked the halls of the church last Sunday, I’m sure you know why I shared this interesting tidbit from Leviticus. It surely looks like the walls have been hit with leprosy! Let me assure you, however, that the thousands of spackle patches were put there intentionally to cover up push pin holes, as well as a variety of dings and dents and bigger holes, to get the walls ready for a new coat of paint and some upgrades to hallway accessories.

Yes, we decided to have the hallways painted before the new carpet is laid. And yes, we finally picked out the new carpet tiles that will be going in the hallways, offices, classrooms, and fellowship hall. We are also going to replace the beat-up baseboards with vinyl cove moldings, so those in the hallways will be removed before the walls are painted during the week of August 7th. But don’t despair, you’ll get a chance to be a mover and shaker and ripper-upper on August 13th.

Yes, the carpet is scheduled to be laid in the hallways and classrooms during the week of August 14th, and the fellowship hall the following week. To save over $2000, we’re going to move everything out of the classrooms and offices, and remove the remaining baseboards, before they begin. Then, on Saturday, August 19th we’ll move everything from the fellowship hall back into the classrooms. We are going to need lots of help to get everything moved out of classrooms, closets and nooks and crannies, but with your help we can get it done. For as they say, “Many hands make light work.”

And yes, while there will be a lot of heavy lifting and hauling, there will also be lots of light work for the kids to do. So plan on making it into a fun family time at church. We’ll plan on beginning around 3:00 on the 13th.

God Bless, Rick

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