The Cost of Being Faithful

As we noted last Sunday morning, David’s heartache was caused by someone with whom he had worshiped, and Peter told us not to be surprised by fiery ordeals that come to us because of our faithfulness to Christ. A prime example of someone who has experienced such heartache and fiery attacks because of his commitment to Christ and the truth of His Word is Kent Paris.

As you know, we support Kent and his Nehemiah Ministries to those who are sexually confused and in need of godly guidance. Kent has been at the forefront of ministry to homosexuals for nearly forty years, and has faced threats, litigation, lies and slander misrepresenting his heart, his person, and his ministry. I found what he shared in his latest newsletter to be even more upsetting than most he has to share.

After hearing him speak at Lincoln Seminary, a co-pastor of an emerging megachurch invited him to hold a seminar for the church leadership. After the four hour seminar, the lead pastor came up to him and said, “Kent, your story is powerful and convincing. I agree with everything you taught here this morning. But I cannot risk having you come up here and speak on Sunday morning, nor to our youth. You see, our sons are the youth leaders and neither they nor most of the youth hold to yours and my view. I cannot risk offending or losing them or any of the youth. Beyond that, we are in a major building program and I cannot risk alienating or upsetting any of our tithing members.”

Kent responded by saying, in part, “By refusing to address the centrally important subject of gender…you are preventing those within your church who are struggling with gender confusion from hearing God’s truth. You are essentially resigning these precious people to deception and likely immoral lifestyle. Silence will bear bad fruit in your young people who are being fed this garbage by our culture and Media daily.”

May God always give us the strength to teach the truth with love and grace, but also in faithfulness to His Word. And may we never let possible consequences keep us from doing so.

God Bless, Rick

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