Moving Day

This Sunday is going to be a FULL day. We’ll begin with worship, then head to the fellowship hall to say goodbye to the Sanners, and then those considering going to Mexico next summer will meet with Andrew during the remainder of the Sunday School hour. Then, after everyone heads to lunch and a brief nap, all are strenuously encouraged to head back to the church at 3:00 for MOVING DAY!.

No, we’re not going anywhere. We are “simply” moving everything out of the classrooms so carpet can be laid in them and the hallways beginning on Monday. After the rooms are cleared out, we’ll also be tearing out the remaining baseboards. How long will all this take? I have no idea.

If it takes so long that we get tired and hungry, we’ll order in some pizzas. If it goes quicker than that, we’ll call it a day and head home. Whatever it takes, we’ve got to get it done, so we need everyone’s help. And if you’ve got anything that makes moving heavy stuff easier, like a hand cart or burly uncle, please bring it with you.

But wait, that’s not all! Guess what we get to do on the following Saturday? Yep, we get to put everything back in the classrooms for Sunday School the next day. Once again, we’ll need everyone’s help. If we start at 10:00 we should be done before lunch, or perhaps a late lunch.

I trust what happened during the building of the tabernacle will happen this Sunday. “And everyone whose heart moved them, both men and women came.”

God Bless, Rick

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