An Offer That’s Hard to Believe

I have an offer for the first eleven people who take me up on it. And of course, like every offer that gets made on TV, this one comes with strings attached. But unlike the free offers on TV, there are no handling and processing fees hidden in this offer. All it will require of you is a commitment of 15-20 minutes a day for the next year.
If you haven’t guessed what this is all about, it’s about reading through the Bible in a year. But even more, it’s about reading through a Bible that I will personally buy for you. I know that’s hard to believe, especially the “that I will personally buy for you” part, but it’s true!

A couple of years ago Marilyn, Nikki, and Grace all read through The One Year Chronological Bible and really enjoyed it. This year I’m doing so, and I really love it…even though it isn’t in my favorite translation.

A chronological Bible is one that attempts to put the books, chapters, and even verses of the Bible in the order that related events actually happened. It puts everything in chronological order so you can follow the flow of history and see how everything fits together. It also means that accounts that were recorded more than once can be read together, the psalms that express what David is feeling are placed in the midst of what he’s going through, the prophetic messages are pronounced in their historical context, and the epistles are integrated into the book of Acts.

Like the girls, I am really enjoying reading through the Bible in this way, and I can’t wait to start again. Only this time I won’t be reading it in the NIV! It’s not available in the NASV, so I will be reading it once again in another translation, which really isn’t a bad thing. The additional options are the New Living Translation, which I like even less than the NIV, and Tina’s favorite, the New King James.

I’ve ordered a dozen copies in the NKJ, and they should be here this Sunday. The first eleven who ask for one, and promise to read it, will be given one. In case you were wondering why only eleven, the twelfth one is for me.

God Bless, Rick

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