Bible and Biopsy

Reading through the Bible in a year is a challenge, but I’d never heard it compared to a prostate biopsy. Until Saturday morning. But it’s not what you might think.

Dave had dropped by to walk the dog and pick up bills, and he popped into the office to see if I had any results from my biopsy. I told him I wouldn’t know anything until next Thursday, but told him that the biopsy wasn’t anything like I had been led by some to expect. It wasn’t a picnic, but it really was a piece of cake. It didn’t hurt at all.

We went on to talk about other things, and I asked him if he was excited about an upcoming event he had told me about. He said yes, but then said what he was most excited about was reading through the Bible this year. He was loving it! He looked forward to it every morning, and had a hard time not reading ahead. He then said he had thought it was really going to be hard, but had discovered it was kind of like my biopsy. It wasn’t at all what he had thought it might be.

Some, however, have found it to be challenging. I even had someone ask me to hold them accountable because they were finding it very difficult. And I know it can be, especially when you are attempting it for the first time. Just finding time is hard if your life is already full of activities and family responsibilities. And when you are tired, it’s hard to stay focused. And then you begin to wonder if you’ll even remember what you’ve read. I won’t even mention that we have an enemy who doesn’t want us to read God’s Word.

Let me encourage everyone who has taken the challenge, to stay the course. Don’t worry about remembering, or even understanding, everything. Just read it, and trust God will implant in your heart and mind what He wants you to know. At least this time through. Next time He’ll no doubt give you something more.

Like Dave, I really look forward to reading the Bible every morning. And if you want to know what exciting new things God has already shown me in the first few days of this new year, just ask.

God Bless, Rick

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