Florida & Fellowship

It’s always good to come back to below zero after a week in Florida. My nose may not actually be frost-bitten, but it’s surely growing longer! Anyway, it is good to be home.

Since I’m really not one for sitting in the sun, our hosts graciously took a break from their regular vacation schedule of relaxing around the pool, and joined us in a whirlwind of activity for a week. After driving 1250 miles in two days to get there, I talked them into driving across Alligator Alley to Key West on Saturday. We spotted 30-40 alligators, one endangered Key Deer, a lot of hurricane damage, and had the best fish dinner they had ever had. On Sunday we went to Anchor Christian Church, enjoyed a sermon by Jeff Chitwood, and made arrangements to have dinner the next day with Rocky and Deby Barron.

On Monday and Wednesday Alan and I went shooting at the Alamo while the girls sat poolside, and on Tuesday I spent $100 fishing with a guide on Lake Trafford. I caught one crappie. Not sure how much that comes to per pound. On Thursday we headed back to the Everglades and rode an airboat, saw lots of gators, and had a another great seafood dinner. On Friday Alan and Becky had a day of rest, and we drove 850 miles to Matt’s so we could celebrate Josie’s 8th birthday on Saturday.

I didn’t spend enough time poolside to read Killing the Rising Sun in the sun, but I did get the book read. Two chapters focused on the battle at Peleliu, where my dad earned a Purple Heart. Like so many WWII vets, he didn’t talk much about the war, but reading what he went through gave me a much deeper appreciation for what he endured. He often told me that God spared him in battle because He had big plans for my life. I pray my life honors my dad’s sacrifice, and my Heavenly Father’s plan.

According to another plan, I didn’t get back in time for the Super Bowl party. It’s not that I don’t enjoy fellowship, just that I don’t like games, or football. However, on the drive home, “They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired,” did somehow get into my head.

God Bless, Rick

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