We Walk by Faith

After noting that our outer man is decaying, and reminding us that momentary light affliction is producing an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, Paul made it very clear that we walk by faith, not by sight. In spite of that, some think they know exactly what God would have them do, even in situations that are not directed by scriptural commands or principles. I have to admit that I don’t claim such insight.

After inflamed tendons in my thumb had kept me awake at nights, I was shocked to read a warning about possible tendon damage in the packaging of the antibiotic I was to take before my recent prostate biopsy. I began thinking that perhaps God had allowed the inflamed tendons to be a warning that I shouldn’t take the antibiotic, so I put off the biopsy. Until I was assured by my primary physician that he had never seen such a side-effect; and I had none.

Then, as I mentioned last week, when my biopsy revealed cancer, and I was considering various treatments, I asked my urologist what he would do if he had what I have. He shocked me by saying he would do nothing. I wrote that I hoped my question was Spirit-led, and therefore concluded that perhaps God was telling me there was no need to do anything at this time. Once again my primary physician challenged my assumption, and convinced me to let him make an appointment to see a radiation oncologist.

I’ve heard the charge that some doctors think they are God, but I know mine doesn’t. He’s a Christian, and a really good doctor, and I value his opinion. He’s not convincing me to stop listening to God, he’s just making it obvious that we do walk by faith not by sight, and I believe he is helping me discern as accurately as I can what God would have me do.

In the meantime, if the Lord wills, I’m heading for Florida. Marilyn and I are going to spend a week with a couple of friends we met through Fit Club. I’m looking forward to sight-seeing, fishing, shooting, shelling, and sitting by the pool, hopefully in the shade, reading Killing the Rising Sun.

See you after the Super Bowl.
God Bless, Rick

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