The Wonderful World of Worship

If everything we do is done in the name of the Lord Jesus, and if all of life is sacred, then everything we do is an act of worship. That was the point I was attempting to make in last Sunday’s message. I hope you got it, and I hope it has given eternal significance to everything you are doing in the workplace, school, home, and everywhere this week. And last week.

As should always be the case, the sermon spoke to me as much as I hope it spoke to you. And even though I wasn’t at work last week, what I was doing should have been as much an act of worship as what you were doing here. And as you know, last week I was at Disney World with the family. I guess that means spending four days on the road, and four days walking 10 miles a day in an amusement park, was an act of worship.

Obviously, spending time with the family can have eternal significance, and it’s easy to see how that can be an acknowledgement of Christ’s lordship and an act of worship. Running from FastPass to FastPass to avoid waiting an hour or more for a two minute ride, does, however, take a little more effort to see as worship.

Giving the whole Disney experience more thought, I did come to the realization that many things at Disney are attempts to re-create what God has created around the world, and to give people the opportunity to get a feel for some of the wonder to be found outside the park. I’d still rather ride a motorcycle up Mt. Evans than ride through Mt. Everest on a roller coaster, but I do have to admit it was a lot of fun. Soarin’ through beautiful parts of the natural world is always exhilarating, but I must also admit the ride on the back of a banshee in Pandora was even better. The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse has been a favorite of mine since Marilyn and I climbed it in Disneyland in the 70s, but as I was climbing down this time I spotted a real kapok tree. A concrete tree is impressive, but I was even more impressed by the fact that they planted a tree next to it that grows fiber for lifejackets. And a flock of macaws flying right over my head is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

So yes, I did enjoy what I trust will be my last trip to Disney. And I can even see it as an act of worship. Not that I worship Disney, but I do worship the God who can be seen even there.

God Bless, Rick

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