When we feel like nothing is wrong

Bob Williamson dropped by the church last week, and told me I hadn’t seen him on Sunday because he had the “green apple quickstep.” Now I can say the same thing to everyone! It was the first time in forty- five years that I’ve had to miss church because of sickness. (Broken ribs from a motorcycle accident don’t count.)

Making the call not to be in the pulpit was even harder than cancelling church because of a snow storm! I waited as long as I could, hoping I could at least show up to preach, but finally had to make the call. A big thank you to Mark for quickly reading over my sermon, and then delivering it so well. “Interestingly” he got one of the biggest laughs from a sermon that I’ve ever heard.

Thanks also goes to Chris Luzio for leading the Sunday evening study for me. It’s good to know the bases are covered when we are out of the game.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled for a volume study to determine the number of seeds to be planted in my prostate. When thinking about the whole process, I came to the realization that it’s not unlike trying to convince someone that they need to trust what the Bible says must be done about sin.

I haven’t had any symptoms that would indicate I have a condition that could lead to death. If not for the elevated PSA, I wouldn’t have had the biopsy, and wouldn’t be taking the drastic measures my doctors say I should take. But why should I take their word for it? I don’t feel like there is anything wrong with me. Sounds a bit like those who don’t think they need to do anything about sin, doesn’t it?

If our life is a mess, and we are in pain, we’re more apt to accept the cure that is offered. When we don’t sense that anything is wrong, it’s harder to believe we have to do anything.

The Bible makes it very clear that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, and that the wages of sin is death. The remedy for sin is offered through the cross, but we have to believe we need it, even if we don’t feel the need.

May we all have the faith needed to do what needs to be done.

God Bless, Rick

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