Communion Meditations

We are so blessed by those who bring our communion meditation each week. In fact, I’m almost too blessed. They are obviously all worthy of printing in the newsletter, but I can’t print them all.

Three weeks ago Kirk pulled at our heart strings as he shared how his grandfather had responded to strangers in need. The following Sunday Chris shared with us a thought provoking question he had faced at his sister-in-law’s wedding the day before. Last Sunday Jack made us think about our faith on a scale of 1 to 2.

After printing Kirk’s I asked Chris and Jack to give me copies of theirs, and then I had to decide how to squeeze them in. I ended up condensing Jack’s for the front, and am now sharing excerpts from Chris’s for my article. As I said, we are so blessed.

“At about 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, I found myself in an awkward, but not entirely uncommon situation—talking with a stranger outside of a restroom—having what could have been the most important conversation of this particular man’s life. This man looked at me and asked, ‘Well…is it worth it?’

Perhaps it was after seeing me participate in the tag-team event that is wrangling two children during the hours of running around, waiting around, standing around, and sitting around that is the joy of participating in someone else’s special day. Perhaps it was this that led to an existential crisis about raising a family in today’s world…and to seek wisdom from me, a total stranger.

Or perhaps it was after seeing me saddled with my wife’s and my mother-in-law’s bags, waiting outside of a restroom, that led this man to consider the people in his life that he loves and what sacrifices he could make in order to serve them and others…to seek wisdom from me, a total stranger.

Or perhaps, through some Spirit-given insight, this man, who may have not been a Christian, was seeking guidance from a man who was a Christian on whether or not a relationship with Christ was worth it…and this led him to seek wisdom from me, a total stranger.”

Chris responded with “Yes…yes it is”, and then assured us that that’s how Christ would respond if asked the same question about us.

Copies of both meditations in their entirety are in the hall rack.

God Bless, Rick

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