The Daily Message Challenge

I hadn’t planned on announcing my offer of Bibles for those who would join me in reading it through in 2019 quite yet, but couldn’t help but mention it in my sermon last week on the importance of reading it.

If you recall, last year I offered to personally buy a chronological Bible for anyone who would commit to reading it through in a year. Many of you accepted my challenge, and I was delighted to buy them. Many have kept up, but I’ve heard from some who haven’t managed to stay on track, and even some who have given up. Let me encourage those who didn’t keep up to keep on reading, and not worry about the deal I made with them. The important thing is to just read it.

Anyway, someone asked me several weeks ago what kind of Bible I was planning to read through next year. I had been giving it some thought, but hadn’t yet decided. I really enjoyed reading through chronological Bibles the last two years, but thought I might try something a bit different next year.

After exploring several options, I decided I would read through The Daily Message by Eugene Peterson. I enjoyed reading through The Message paraphrase several years ago, but this particular plan of reading it through in a year is set up so you alternate reading through Old and New Testament books, so you’re not stuck in the Old Testament for nine months. It also includes a brief reading from Psalms, Proverbs or Isaiah each day.

When contemplating whether to make the offer of buying this more expensive Bible for anyone who would commit to reading it with me, my inclination toward tightness reared its ugly head. So when I mentioned in my sermon that I was planning on making an offer to buy Bibles this year, I hedged a bit, and said I might split the cost with those taking the deal.

After the sermon I was approached by someone who offered to cover the entire cost of the Bibles. When I hesitated to accept his offer, he added an intriguing twist. If anyone doesn’t read it through in a year, they have to pay back the cost of the Bible. I liked the added motivation, so agreed to let him do it.

If you want me to order one for you, there is a sign-up on the bulletin board. I do need to warn you that the printed addition uses very small print, so you may want to simply order a digital copy from Amazon on your own. But if you want a free printed copy, all you have to do is sign-up, and then make sure to read it through in 2019.

God Bless, Rick

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