Snow, Safety, and Sanforization

I certainly didn’t expect 12 inches of snow on Saturday when last week I encouraged you to make the decision to come to church every Sunday, and not just decide on Sunday mornings whether to come or not. Obviously there are times when prudence calls for a decision not to come on a Sunday. I certainly wouldn’t want you to throw caution to the wind and put yourself or your family in danger by coming to church if the weather is such that you wouldn’t go to work if it were a Monday. There is a time to just stay home, and thank God for a safe place to be.

And let me assure you that if the parking lot hadn’t been cleared, and we thought it wasn’t safe for you to come, we would have added the name of our church to the list of cancellations, and I would have found someone who knows how to post it on Facebook.

As it was, however, I was certainly delighted by the 78 hearty souls who ventured out last Sunday. And in spite of the fact that I forgot prayer time, left many scratching their heads and sent Jeni to the internet in the middle of my sermon searching for the meaning of “sanforized”,and we got the wrong words on the wall for the second verse of the communion hymn, we had a great time in worship on a snowy Sunday morning. And Dixie actually thought my “You can be circumcised, baptized, and sanforized, and still not get into heaven” comment was funny.

Attendance on Sunday night was also less than usual, but it may not have been entirely the snow’s fault. I announced on Sunday morning that we would be looking at an article from Touchstone on how to talk with your kids about the birds and bees in my adult class. Obviously those without kids or grandkids had a good reason to stay home on a cold Sunday night. If you do have them, however, and weren’t here, I’ve got copies of the article in my office.

As you know, I often find good articles inTouchstone, and I’ve included another one I found while on the elliptical at FitClub last week inside. Be sure to check out the observation that was included in the Quodlibet (Whatever) department.

God Bless, Rick

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