“The Judgement of God is now available”

While picking up a few things at Walmart before the anticipated blizzard last Friday, I ran into Joyce Evans who was doing the same. As we were chatting, she said she had earlier received a notification on her phone that shook her up a bit. Expecting a notice concerning the blizzard, it said, “The Judgement of God is now available.”

It took her a while to realize it was a notification concerning the availability of last week’s sermon. When you subscribe to our podcast, if you have notifications turned on, you will be notified when a sermon has been made available. I’ve already been notified that I can now get Judged by the Book.

When we were laughing about her experience after church last Sunday, she told me about another experience of judgment she had last week. While she was waiting in a drive-through she had noticed an offensive bumper sticker on the car ahead of her, and was wondering what kind of person would put such on their car. When she went to pay for her order she was told the person in the car ahead of her had already paid for it. Indeed, sometimes our initial judgments are rightfully called into question.

I too had an uncomfortable judgmental experience last week. Marilyn and I had both read about a highly acclaimed string quartet that was going to be playing on Saturday night. We had unexpectedly enjoyed a violin concert we had been given unwanted tickets to years ago, and decided we might enjoy this as well. The paper indicated that they had performed at the Vatican and before President Obama, and compared them to The Piano Guys, whom we love.

After a steak dinner, we arrived as soon as the box office was open, and snagged two tickets in the next to last row, spending far more than I am accustomed to spending. Anticipating the concert, I eagerly read through the program only to discover something that disturbed me. Their list of credits in the paper had not included the fact that they had performed with gay men’s choruses on both coasts, and had opened at Pride Toronto.

I have to admit they are very talented, and their concert was enjoyable. But thinking that by my attendance and financial support I may have endorsed a life-style that is judged by God as an abomination put a cloud over an otherwise really good date night with my wife.

God Bless, Rick

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