Love Thy Body update

I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked by what I heard at our adult study last Sunday night. Apparently the Super Bowl is known for something other than football and funny ads. Local authorities in host cities generally prepare for an increase in sex trafficking when their city is flooded with inebriated males looking for a good time.

I said I shouldn’t have been shocked, because when I was on the Springfield Auxiliary Police force back in the 70s, I actually had a father who had come to town for his daughter’s track meet ask me where he could find a prostitute. Apparently he didn’t notice, or didn’t care, that as the chaplain, there were crosses on my lapels.

On Sunday nights we’ve been trying to understand what’s behind the “Schizoid Sex” epidemic, and last Sunday we finished the so named chapter by high-lighting some passages in our book. I share some with you now.

“Many families hope to protect their children from radical ideas by walling off the secular world—supervising what books they read, what movies they see, what music they listen to. But secular worldviews do not come neatly labeled so we can easily recognize them. The most powerful worldviews are the ones we absorb without knowing it.

“The ideas we have traced from Freud to Foucault constitute the prevailing sexual orthodoxy. It informs the mindset of judges when they rule on sexual issues. It shapes the arguments of legislators when they formulate new laws. It guides the way reporters frame the news. It is the attitude portrayed in TV sitcoms, supermarket tabloids, and magazine articles. It is reflected in the lyrics of popular songs. It permeates virtually the entire entertainment industry.”

To counter this, our author notes, “Young people require more than rules; they need reasons to make sense of the rules.”

In addition to the scientific and practical reasons we’ve been learning about, they need to be reminded that their bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. And Christian men out for a good time need to be reminded what it does to the body of Christ if they join themselves to a harlot. (I Cor. 6:15-20)

After celebrating Josie’s birthday and baptism in Tennessee, Marilyn and I will be driving through Atlanta during the Super Bowl next Sunday on our way to Florida. See you in a couple of weeks.

God Bless, Rick

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