The Ministry of IDES

I want to introduce you to a new mission that will appear on our 2021 Financial Projection.

IDES is a Christian relief organization that was begun in 1973 to enable Christian Churches to partner with mission workers around the world in order to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people in the name of Jesus Christ. The primary goal of IDES is to share the gospel by showing that God loves and cares for those in need, whether it is rebuilding homes after a disaster, providing nutritious food to the hungry, helping develop sustainable solutions for water or food supply problems, or serving the sick and injured. Last year IDES disbursed over 4 million dollars in disaster response aid, hunger relief, community development, medical care, and for Bibles and evangelistic materials.

Over the years IDES stepped in to help Asian Christian Mission meet needs that arose from various disasters, and when funds were available, we sought to help meet such needs directly. Sending funds monthly to IDES, however, will enable us to join with other churches to even more effectively meet needs as they arise.

Upon Jesse’s death the board of ACM decided to bring the mission to a close at the end of 2020, and Jesse’s wife, Ati, will continue working in Thailand through another mission. Supporting IDES will therefore not only enable us to meet needs around the world, but to continue meeting needs that might arise where we have ministered for over 40 years through our beloved Jesse.

God Bless, Rick

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